Sophia B. Cipolla

Bachelor of Arts



Magna Cum Laude
Brother Leo Meehan, FSC Award


San Ramon, California

Award Bio

Sophie Cipolla became interested in the relationship between social policy and education through her on­-campus work as an editorial assistant at the Office of Communications and as CILSA. She also serves on the Academic Honor Council, Peer Conduct Council, and as a Guyette Leadership Fellow. Off-­campus, her internships at the Monument Crisis Center, Bank of the West, and Aradigm Corporation, as a translator of clinical trial data, reaffirmed her passion for working alongside underserved communities and helping organizations find their own voices.

While earning my degree, my greatest supporters were

Too many to count! My parents for their constant support--you are phenomenal mom and dad! My brother for sending me memes when I was stressed, and my friends for bringing so much joy to my life (and supporting my nonstop baking!) Also, so much love to the English Dept. and CILSA for being part of my SMC family, and the Sodexo workers who have done so much for all of us <3

My favorite SMC memory is

The time I accidentally set off the fire alarm in my hall while baking cookies and befriended the entire public safety team in the process...or the unparalleled chaotic energy of going to the rec center with my besties after long days, and having way too much fun doing dance-offs on the elliptical.

I'm looking forward to most

Getting my PhD one day and finally learning how to make my own scented candles! And hopefully knocking off the #1 item on my bucket list, going to fashion week in the 4 major cities around the world!
Your life. Love it.
From the hurt to the wonder: from the bone to the flower.
Love it. With everything you’ve got. It’s yours

- Nayyirah Waheed