Sarah Madeleine Sawatzky

Bachelor of Science

Psychology: Personality


Summa Cum Laude


San Jose, California

While earning my degree, my greatest supporters were

My greatest supporters were first and foremost my family members. My parents, brother, nana, and boyfriend all continually encouraged me to push myself in order to succeed. My parents came to all of my games and helped me in every way possible. My closest friends and teammates supported me and helped me to grow. I am also thankful for Professor Ogawa and Professor Zarnoth's continual guidance.

My favorite SMC memory is

My favorite SMC memory is a draw between tying the Stanford Women's Soccer team my Sophomore year and Professor Ogawa's Psychobiology class. Tying Stanford validated all of my teams dedication, hard work, and personal sacrifice. The Psychobiology class was extremely challenging yet enabled us to understand the biology behind everyday life and mental health.

I'm looking forward to most

Currently, I'm teaching English at a language institute in Stuttgart, Germany. It is rewarding to work in an intercultural environment and gain leadership and pedagogical skills. I am also looking forward to applying to graduate school and continuing my education. I hope to pursue a career that connects business and psychology.