Megan Holt

Bachelor of Science



Spanish & Chemistry


Magna Cum Laude
Arthur S. Campbell Award


Scunthorpe, England

Award Bio

Megan Holt is graduating with a BS in Biology with Chemistry and Spanish minors. Holt conducted research across the Chemistry and Biology Departments and plans to pursue an MD/PhD in the coming years. Holt would like to thank the School of Science for selecting her for the Arthur S. Campbell Award and Drs. Burke and Chandrasekaran for their research mentorship.

While earning my degree, my greatest supporters were

My parents, Susan and Graham Holt, as well as my huge Pleasanton Cavaliers rugby family, Maria Teresa and Nicholas Rodriguez, Steve and Sarah Lopez, and Stu and Judy Monks. I couldn't have done it without my best friend Emily Iacopi. My greatest academic supporters have been my research advisors, Drs. Burke, Bachofer, and Chandrasekaran, as well as Drs. Pesavento, Marchetti, and Spicher.

My favorite SMC memory is

Making the first cut on the cadaver as part of my Advanced Anatomy class- as well as all of dissections that we were able to achieve before moving to online learning.

I'm looking forward to most

Starting my research career at the University of California, San Francisco, studying translational control in cancer at the Helen Diller Family Cancer Research Center- and going a few years without having to take tests before working to pursue and M.D./Ph.D. program.
"We must believe that we're gifted for something and that this thing must be attained."
— Marie Curie