Eliana Lupita Batrez

Bachelor of Arts

Communication & Spanish: Hispanic Linguistics


Ethnic Studies


San Jose, CA

While earning my degree, my greatest supporters were

My mom and dad, who made this all possible. My entire family, who love and support me endlessly. Bella, my greatest confidant, Michael, my wonderful partner, and my buds Gerry and Braulio. My CILSA family who brighten all my days. Lastly, I would like to give a special thanks to Dr. Frances Sweeney, Dr. Lori Spicher, and Dr. David Quijada for helping me grow into the person I am today.

My favorite SMC memory is

All the creamery trips with Bella, the afternoon drives with Michael, and our Ageno East family. I will miss waking up in such a beautiful place and being surrounded by the quiet calm of the hills and trees. And after four years of working in CILSA, I will truly miss the joy of walking into the office and saying hello to everyone.

I'm looking forward to most

I am looking forward to having a job that I am passionate about, spending time with the people I love, and celebrating my accomplishment!
The greatest thing we can do is to help somebody know that they're loved and capable of loving.
— Fred Rogers