Conor Dixon

Bachelor of Science



Magna Cum Laude
Carlos Freitas Award


Elk Grove, California

While earning my degree, my greatest supporters were

My friends who encouraged me to work hard and have fun, my sisters who kept me focused, and especially my mom who taught me the importance of education and the pursuit of a happy life

My favorite SMC memory is

Going on various trips with professor Carla Bossard. They're never not exciting. Every bus used shook enough to give the 1960 Valdivia earthquake a run for its money. Going to Nepal and getting abandoned by the guide in very tall grass with potential tigers around and climbing down part of the Himalayas, unprepared, through ice and snow, with many sheer drops were kinda memorable, too.

I'm looking forward to most

Pursuing a happy life with the only caveat being the absolute curb-stomp of an obstacle that is medical school. I also want to travel.
— Staff Sergeant Lincoln Osiris, played by Kirk Lazarus, played by Robert Downey Jr.