Caitlin Quinn Wire

Master of Arts in Teaching


Thousand Oaks, California

While earning my degree, my greatest supporters were

I would not have taken my first steps on this journey without the support of a brilliant special education teacher named Leslie Cary. She was my mentor and my light, and I miss her endlessly! My parents and sister are my biggest cheerleaders, as well as my very (VERY) patient boyfriend, Dani. I love you all so much.

My favorite SMC memory is

I enjoyed every moment I spent in Dr. Patrizia Longo's politics classes as an undergraduate. A small group of us went to the theater together when Dear White People came out--so much fun! Maybe I should focus on graduate moments, but everything I learned in Dr. Longo's classes still informs my view of the world, and by proxy, my view of my students.

I'm looking forward to most

After graduation, I'm looking forward to continuing my teaching career in the Moraga School District. Next year will be year 5!
“'But where shall I find courage?’ asked Frodo. ‘That is what I chiefly need.’
‘Courage is found in unlikely places,’ said Gildor. ‘Be of good hope! Sleep now!'”
— J.R.R. Tolkien